India / Indian woman scientist Meenal Dakhave Bhosle has prepared a testing kit for just Rs. 1200

So far more than 1000 people have been infected due to Corona virus in India. At the same time, the number of dead has increased to 20. All are playing their respective roles in fighting the war against the virus.

scientist Meenal Dakhave Bhosle

Corona testing kit made by this Indian scientist, now anyone can test

Meanwhile, an Indian woman scientist Meenal Dakhave Bhosle has prepared a testing kit for just Rs. 1200, which is much cheaper than the foreign kit. Through this, the suspects will be detected very soon. Its first batch will also be available in the market on Monday.

Testing kit prepared for Rs. 1200:

The price of foreign testing kits presently in the market is rupees 4500. At the same time, the kit prepared by women scientist Meenal Dakhave Bhosle costs only tupees 1200. He said that our kit can check for corona virus infection in two and a half hours, while the kit from abroad takes six to seven hours to test. Women virologists have prepared India's first working test kit by working continuously for a few hours before giving birth to their child.

A kit can have 100 tests:

Pune's MyLab Discovery is the first firm in India to be allowed to manufacture and sell testing kits. Meenal is the Chief Virologist, Research and Development in this lab. Each Mylab kit can test up to 100 samples.

Testing kits will be available in the market by Monday:

The company's Director of Medical Affairs, Dr. Gautam Wankhede said that our manufacturing unit is also working on this weekend, we will send the next shipment on Monday. The company also claims that it will supply one lakh Kovid-19 test kits within a week and can produce two lakh testing kits if needed.

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